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Joanne Milo's (diabetic since 1965) website.


Taking Control Of Your Diabetes is a not-for-profit organization with unique dual focus on delivering continued education, motivation, empowerment, and support to both individuals with diabetes and their loved ones, as well as to medical professionals.

Visit TCOYD at: www.tcoyd.org
Phone:  858-755-5683 or 800-998-2693

ONE: The Ultimate Conference for Adults with Type 1
Now on-line. Go to the above link for more information.

TCOYD Conference and Health Fair
This national series brings diabetes experts on-line for you. The conference portion of the event offers a multitude of special topics related to both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, all presented by experts in their fields. The health fair component brings vendors and exhibitors together on one site to offer support and resources to the attendees. The TCOYD Conference and Health Fair is an event that is truly educational, motivational, and empowering to those who attend!

For medical professionals, TCOYD also hosts a full-day Continuing Medical Education conference that updates medical professionals on the latest medications and treatment approaches for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. A special part of the CME program has medical professionals come together for a combined patient-provider workshop.

WeAreOne is TCOYD's online community for Type 1 diabetes professionals. This online collaborative group brings together individuals who have Type 1 diabetes and who also work in the diabetes industry. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, pharmaceutical rep, blogger, or in the non-profit sector, we want you to be a part of TCOYD's growing online community!

Spotlight Series in San Diego
Join TCOYD on-line on select Wednesday evenings throughout the year to learn about special topics presented by local experts! These events are open to all who are interested. View topics and upcoming dates here: 

TCOYD Online Research Registry
Join our research registry and contribute to the advancement of diabetes and be paid for your time and effort.  You will be helping us and helping yourself.  Go to https://tcoyd.org/index.php/resources/research-registry.html to get more information and become a part of the Registry today.